The CSFAE Annual Conference Held in end of 2013

The CSFAE Annual Conference Held in end of 2013

On December 28 2013, the 2013 Annual Meeting and Forum on Agricultural Globalization was held in Beijing. The Conference was hosted by the CSFAE and the <World Agriculture> journal which is supervised by Chinese Agricultural Publishing House. Totally more than 120 participants joined this one-day’s meeting, including several invited guests, around one hundred members and more than twenty non-member participants.

Mr. Pan Shegzhou, deputy director of the Central Policy Research Office of CCCPC, addressed to the meeting to interpret the spirits revealed from the recent important meetings, including the Third Plenary Session of 18th CPC Central Committee and the Central Working Meeting on Rural Affairs. Prof. Ni Hongxing, director of China Agricultural Trade Promotion Center, delivered a key-note speech on national food security strategy in the context of globalization, emphasizing that the domestic-based food safety strategy with moderate import must be insisted.

The conference in the afternoon was composed of three sessions, namely China’s agricultural provision and trade situations, world agricultural production and trade prospect, and world food safety and security governance, respectively. In each session there were two speakers. Han Yijun, Li Guoxiang, Hu Binchuan, Jiang Changyun, Wang Zhigang and Lu Guoxue addressed to the conference successively. Luo Biliang, Zhou Yingheng, Ding Shijun, Li Xiande, Chen Jinsong and Li Cuixia made comments to the six presentations respectively. After the presentations and comments, there have been splendid questions and answers.

At the end of the conference is the CSFAE Working Meeting. Vice President Xu Hui facilitated the working meeting. Secretary-General Tan Xuewen reported to the participants the work in 2013 and the plan in 2014. Supervisors Chair Zhu Lizhi reported to the participants the results of supervision on secretariat’s work and finance. The member participants on the meeting discussed a lot on the work-plan in 2014. Ideas like recruiting more young members, strengthening horizontal cooperation between CSFAE and member organizations, filtering and concentrating on current hot issues, insisting the academic feature of the CSFAE have been raised and even repeated during the discussion. President Du Zhixiong responded to the various questions and suggestions during the discussion and expounded his own route of thoughts for the work in the next year. He also required the Secretariat to summarize the suggestions and comments during the meeting and submit the summary to the next President's Executive Meeting for decision making.

                                                                                                              (Composed and edited by: Tan Xuewen)