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    Introduction of CSFAE

     Chinese Society of Foreign Agricultural Economy (CSFAE) is a state-level academic association registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs established since the beginning of the reform. The CSFAE is a legal body of mass organization focusing on agricultural agricultural economy and policy research and project cooperation, administered by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and affiliated with the Rural Development Institute. As a not-for-profit organization, the CSFAE is composed voluntarily by persons who work in research or teaching on foreign agricultural economy or related fields. The purpose of the Society is to promote research and exchange of foreign agricultural economy and cooperation of international agricultural economy and trade, and its mission is to organize academic activities, promote academic exchanges, unite the members, and to serve the agricultural modernization.

    In 1978, the initial year of reform, Prof. ZHENG Linzhuang with Chinese Renmin University wrote to Prof. HU Qiaomu, President of the CASS, suggesting establishing a specific academic association to strengthen knowledge on foreign agricultural economy. Under the requirement of President HU Qiaomu, the then Agricultural Economic Institute of CASS started to prepare the organization of the CSFAE and to organize researches meanwhile. The first member conference and workshop was held in 1982, on which the first Director’s Council was elected. The second through fifth member conferences were held in 1988, 1992, 1999 and 2005, respectively. Mr. HE Kang, former Vice President of State Agricultural Commission and Agricultural Minister, was elected as the first and second president of the CSFAE. Mr. HONG Fuzeng, former Vice Agricultural Minister, was the third president, and Prof. XU Gengsheng, research fellow with the Institute of World Economy and Politics of CASS, was the fourth and fifth president. The current administration body of the CSFAE is the sixth Director’s Council which was elected in 2012, with prof. DU Zhixiong, Vice Director of Rural Development Institute of CASS, as the sixth President.

    Ever since the establishment, the CSFAE has focused on the following eight major fields:

  • to organize and encourage the members to research on global important agricultural theoretical and practical problems;
  • to introduce domestic and foreign agricultural development dynamics and organize information exchanges;
  • to promote academic exchanges with international academic institutions, organize cooperative researches with foreign institutions, and to organize members to participate in international academic activities;
  • to carry out research projects on foreign or international agricultural economy;
  • to encourage and organize appraisal and election of excellent research outcomes;
  • to implement training and consultation services;
  • to organize edition and publication books and materials on foreign agricultural economy; and
  • to report significant international agricultural problems to superior authorities and offer related policy recommendations.  

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    Members of CSFAE

    By the end of 2012, the CSFAE has totally 215 registered members, coming from teaching and research organizations and party and governmental agencies, with relatively broad geographical and field richness. Among the 215 members, 58 or 27% are women; 74 or 34% come from research organizations; 104 or 48% come from universities or colleges; 15 or 7% come from industries; 8 or 4% come from media; and 14 or 7% come from party or governmental agencies. Within the members, 73 or 34% have higher academic titles; 78 or 36% have high academic titles; and 14 or 7% have medium academic titles. 

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    Organization and Leadership

    In line with its bylaw, the CSFAE has established a fairly complete corporate governance structure, which is outlined as follows:

                   ♦ the Members' Congress (会员代表大会)

                   ♦ the Council (理事会)

                   ♦ the General Council (常务理事会)

                   ♦ the President's Executive Meeting, and (会长办公会)

                   ♦ the Secretariat (秘书处)

     Through voting process at the sixth member conference held in August 18, 2012, the current Council is composed of 96 Council members, the General Council is composed of 51 executive members, and the President’s Executive Meeting is composed of the President, 17 Deputy Presidents, and the Secretary-General. Parallel with the Council, a Board of Superviors was established and 5 members were elected as supervisors.

    To serve the members, the Council and the President’s Executive Meeting, the CSFAE has established a Secretariat which is composed of the secretary general and 5 Deputy Secretaries-General general.

    List of the President’s Executive Meeting:


    Dr. DU Zhixiong, research fellow and Deputy Director of Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    Deputy Presidents:

    Dr. CHENG Guoqiang, research fellow and Deputy Director of Administrative Office, Development Research Center of State Council

    Dr. HE Xiurong, professor and Chief Librarian of China Agricultural University

    Dr. JIANG Changyun, research fellow and division chief of Institute of Industrial Economy and Technological Economy, State Commission of Development and Reform

    Dr. KONG Xiangzhi, professor and Deputy Dean of School of Agriculture and Rural Development, Renmin University of China

    Dr. LUO Biliang, professor and Dean of College of Economics and Management, South China Agricultural University

    Dr. SUN Dongsheng, research fellow and Deputy Director of Administrative Office, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    Dr. TAN Qiucheng, research fellow with Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

    Dr. TAN Zhong, professor and Dean of School of Agriculture and Rural Development, Renmin University of China

    Dr. WANG Jianing, research fellow and Chief Editor of periodical “Reform”

    Dr. WANG Wensheng, research fellow and Deputy Director of Agricultural Information Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    Dr. XIN Xian, professor and Dean of College of Economics and Management, China Agricultural University

   Mr. XU Hui, Chief Editor of periodical “World Agriculture”

    Dr. ZHANG Yuejie, professor and Deputy President of Jilin University of Finance and Economics, professor with Jilin Agricultural University

    Dr. ZHOU Yingheng, professor and Dean of College of Economics and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University

    Dr. ZHU Lizhi, research fellow and division chief of Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    Mr. ZHU Youzhi, research fellow and President of Hunan Academy of Social Sciences

    Mr. ZUO Changsheng, research fellow and Director of International Poverty Reduction Center in China


    Dr. TAN Xuewen, associate research fellow with Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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    Contact Information

    To contact the CSFAE, please send email to the following addresses:

    csfae@csfae.org.cn, public

    duzhx@cass.org.cn, Du Zhixiong, president

    tanxw@csfae.org.cn, tanxw@cass.org.cn, Tan Xuewen, secretary general

    zhangb@cass.org.cn, Zhang Bin, deputy secretary general

    hubch@cass.org.cn, Hu Bingchuan, deputy secretary general

    akiracao@yahoo.cn, Cao Bin, deputy secretary general

    lily@caas.net.cn, Li Liyuan, deputy secretary general

    Zhengdong8888@163.com, Xiao Weidong, deputy secretary general